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Our Clients

Our impressive portfolio of travel organisations are reaping the benefits as travel professionals the world over engage with and participate in our online training programmes; learning, earning and being empowered by accurate knowledge as they progress.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, in Central America, is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Caribbean Sea on the east. The country is one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world, devoting around 26% of its land to national parks, wildlife reserves and protected lands; and it is one of the world’s leading eco-tourism destinations.

During this 5-module course you can discover how every region in Costa Rica offers a different experience; and learn about the country’s pure life-affirming culture, its natural beauty, and exotic biodiversity. Discover too how the varied diverse landscape of Costa Rica creates a colourful and exciting backdrop for extreme thrill seekers and families.

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Elegant Hotels

On this course you will learn about our brand programmes in the Caribbean. Discover our great selection of wedding programmes, dining choices and recreational activities, and gain an insight into which one of our properties is the best fit for your clients.

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Essential Detail

This training program will give you the information and knowledge to become a specialist on the 8 Essential Detail hotels in the beautiful Caribbean.


Finland is for clients who want to visit the home of Santa Clause, see the Northern Lights, ride on a husky-drawn sledge, go bear watching or take a hike in any of the country’s 40 national parks or by its 188,000 lakes. In this 4-module course you will learn about these highlights and much more: discover everything you need to help sell this destination that is growing in popularity in the UK.

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Flanders State of the Art


Discover Flanders in northern Belgium on this 6-module course: here you will find everything you need to sell this destination to your clients. From a short city break in Bruges, a visit to the battlefields of World War 1 or a longer tour through the region: it is all here. And as a certified “Flanders Master” you will be eligible for incentives, competitions and invites to Fam trips.

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Half Moon

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Learn how to clinch that UK holiday sale with Bourne Leisure and earn yourself a FREE day pass to visit one of their properties with friends and family. This flexible training programme covers the key selling points for Haven, Butlin’s and Warner Leisure Hotels.

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This course will cover everything from asking the question, “Why Hawai‘i?” to a more in-depth look at the rich culture and history of the islands, including geography and transportation. Basically, all you need to know about getting there, getting around and everything in the middle, such as accommodation, activities and more!

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Heritage Resorts

Discover a choice of 3 luxury properties in the Domaine De Bel Ombre on the unspoilt south coast of Mauritius with a wide range of facilities suitable for families. Complete this online training and you  will be able to recommend the best option for your clients.

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Discover the many holiday options available with Hoseasons from boating and cottage holidays in Great Britain to Lodges and Parks across the UK and Europe. This online course also includes a complete module on Selling Tips.

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Hotel Chocolat

Boucan by Hotel Chocolat is a boutique hotel set on the Rabot Estate in Saint Lucia. Discover how you can sell your clients the dream of relaxing amongst the rainforest and sun-dappled cocoa groves of Saint Lucia’s oldest plantation. Thoughts of chocolate might help.

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Insider Journeys

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Jambo Kenya

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On this training programme you will discover how ancient and modern combine to make Jerusalem an international tourism destination. As well as the Jerusalem’s marvellous historic and archaeological sites today’s visitor can enjoy cafes, lively restaurants, and creative fine-dining together with a variety of festivals, cultural happenings and international sports events. Learn where to go and what to do in the city and become an expert Ambassador in all things Jerusalem with access to exclusive industry discounts, FAM opportunities and events.

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Take a look at what our clients have to say about Equator Learning.


“Equator Learning has provided the platform for ABTA’s Knowledge Zone, which is our platform for online training for our Members. We chose Equator due to the exposure they give us to front line travel professionals. Their training is user friendly and can be crafted to whatever our requirements are. The team at Equator are straight-forward and highly professional; demystifying jargon so all our team understand what they are able to provide. They are exceptionally responsive and come up with innovative ideas about increasing exposure and highlighting our courses to our target audience. We’ve had a great response to our training and the numbers are growing very steadily.”

Jumeirah Hotels

“Jumeirah Hotels operate in a mature Luxury hotel market. Setting the brand apart was all about good Agent knowledge. Establishing sales has been about creating consistent Agent Rewards. Keeping Agents engaged has been about consistent communication. Equator Learning have delivered a platform on every level in all our key worldwide markets.”

Bourne Leisure

“With three brands Butlin’s, Haven & Warner Leisure Hotels it was important for us to have a flexible training site on one platform. Equator Learning has created an interactive and fun training portal featuring our Brainz expert character, agent rewards and gamification allowing us to continue to support travel agents in their learning”

Turks and Caicos Tourist Board

“Equator Learning, with Turks and Caicos Expert, provides a great tool for Travel Trade training and interaction.”

Beachcomber Tours

“We might be good, in fact very, very good, but Beachcomber Tours are also niche. Our success has been built not just on a quality product, but on our personal touch and continuous support of Travel Agents. Our Online Learning and engagement programme sits centre stage of that strategy as the call to action.”

Newmarket Holidays

“Being a leading escorted touring specialist well known for our Newspaper offers we needed to educate and engage the Travel Trade to overcome perceptions and support the Newmarket Holidays brand. Working closely with Equator as partners we personalised our brand and let our Agency Sales Team take the lead to see us firmly establish our credentials.”

Mark Warner

“Equator Learning make life so much easier & effective in communicating to the trade. Agents can learn about our products by completing training modules and we can direct relevant messages to them via various methods available. The team are extremely helpful and efficent making sure I maximise all the avenues available.”

Voyages-sncf UK

“An interactive, responsive e-learning programme is key to our agent engagement strategy and has enabled us to take a lot of the mystery out of European rail travel our trade partners. Equator learning have a market leading product and have been great to work with in delivering a solution that meets our needs and enhances agents knowledge and confidence when selling in this growing market sector.”

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